Schematic Design and Entitlements
Planning and Conceptual Design

• Site & Environmental Analysis

• Field Measurement

• Due Diligence

• Planning Code Research

• Feasibility Studies

• Programming

• Site Planning & Layout

• Adjacency Studies

• Conceptual Design

• Schematic & Stylistic Design Alternatives

• Material Research

• Structural Schematics

• Green Design

• Planning Applications

• Design Review Process

• Community Outreach

• Public Hearings & Presentations

• Entitlement Procurement

Construction Administration
Construction Documents / Permit

Professional Services

Doug offers the full range of planning and architectural services for projects of any size. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project and the client needs, he can offer services ranging from initial feasibility studies including property evaluation, due diligence and conceptual planning through the schematic design and entitlement process. Following owner and jurisdictional approvals, he can provide full contract documents including all engineering and landscape plans in concert with his close group of highly experienced consultants. Upon permit approval and during construction, Doug can provide any range of construction administration services from the minimum required by the jurisdiction to continuous construction management as well as commissioning and closeout. During an initial complimentary consultation, the range of services is discussed and those services are detailed and priced as part of the fee proposal.

• Design Development

• Material & Equipment Selection

• Structural & Mechanical Schematics

• Architectural Plans & Details

• Lighting & Electrical Design

• Energy Compliance

• Building Permit Application

• Permit Expediting

• Building Permit Procurement

• Bid Assistance

• Contractor Selection

• Value Engineering

• Revisions and Resubmittals

• Construction Observation

• Contractor Assistance & RFIs

• Lender Percent Completion Documentation

• Punchlist Review

• Commissioning and Closeout